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This combo can ONLY be made for Ranch Hand and Henry Mares Leg. Cover is made from 7-8oz natural leather. Sling is made from 8-10oz natural leather.

As seen in the pictures, this design can be slung along the chest or back and is placed in a sideways mounting.

´╗┐This is a 'no-drill' set-up, meaning you will not need to drill stock or need to purchase a barrel clamp. Sling is very long (54" overall and is adjusted easlily) and will fit even the big boys and girls.

14 shell holders for your caliber are incorporated in the sling (can also be made without loops). Shown are .44 mags and works as well with .22 cal like that used in Mares Leg 22.

Front sling attachement piece laces around the fron end of the forearm piece on Ranch Hand and around barrel and mag on the Henry's.

Lots of extra lanyard tails that can be cut off or retained for a western look. Lever wrap is included at no charge.

This is my favorite combo. It;s more difficult to make but when it's finished, I love it!´╗┐


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