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Who didn't want to be Robert Redford in the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" when they were a kid? Heck, i still do!
Stock cover and forearm cover made specifically for Marlin 1895 Guide Gun. Cartridge loops set sideways or none at all (will add a more animated stitch similar to the one pictured). This can be made for other guns (please contact me before ordering to check).

*Note: Item will be lighter than shown due to leather change (see "20 Mule team" or "Dale Robertson")
**This cover combo can only be made for the Henry Golden Boy, H001, H010B, Bigboy (except Big Boy Steel), Marlin 1894/1895, Winchester 94/9422/92 (EXCEPT MIROKU) and Rossi 92.  All must have straight factory stocks (no pistol grips) and factory rear sight.


Price: $175.00
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