Custom Hand-made Leather Gunstock Covers

Made in the U.S.A in the Great State of MICHIGAN.


Functionality and Beauty


At Gunstock Covers, we make every product from locally sourced premium-grade leather. We incorporate high craftsmanship to create custom gun stock covers. Our goal is to add beauty and functionality to your rifles. We ensure that all our leather items pass through multiple quality checks.

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Longevity and Style


Our leather stock covers and other straps help you improve the longevity of your rifles. We ensure that the leather used is well cured to protect the expensive wood. Choose from a wide array of colors and designs to bring out your unique style statement.

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All pieces are costume and handmade since 2010 and sold around the world. 

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Gunstock Cover


List of guns we make covers for:

  • Marlin 336, Glenfield models of 1893, 1894, and 1895
  •   Rossi 1992, Rio Grande, Ranch Hand, Circuit Judge - Judge Roy Bean, Territory Judge, Uni Judge & Hangin' Judge 
  •   Winchester models of 1992, 1994, 9422, 1866, 1873, and 1886
  •   Uberti or Taylor models of 1860, 1866 (Yellow Boy), 1873 and Beretta Renegade
  • Stoeger and most shotguns
  • Winchester 1897

  • Henry 'H' series rifles
  • Henry Golden Boy, Big Boy, Lightning, Mares Leg (22)
  • Some Savage 1999 model and onwards
  • Some Winchester Model 1994 commemoratives and onwards
  • Ruger, Remington, or Winchester Browning rifles and others
  • Ruger 1022
  • Ruger American

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Customers throughout the world use our products

Australia, England, Canada, Guatemala, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, France, New Zealand, Tasmania, South Africa, Austria, Greenland, Russia, Ireland, Iceland, Thailand, and Poland.

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